Casi & Eric

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Summer Trip to Vancouver, Canada

This summer we visited Vancouver, Canada. The highlight of the trip was a visit to Grouse Mountain. We rode a sky lift, saw a hilarious lumberjack show, and met two bears. Best of all - we got to play on obstacle course suspended in the tree tops. Sophia and Eric gave it 10 out of 10... Casi was a bit terrified but made it through it! Already looking forward to our next trip.

Meet Eric by Casi

Eric is one of the most even tempered, happy-go-lucky people you'll meet. He is naturally easy going - when you ask what he wants to do or what he wants to eat and he says he doesn't mind and he defers to you, he genuinely means it! He is smart, I mean, seriously, he's a rocket scientist in real life. He's really good at teaching our daughter crazy things like physics or engineering and all the while she thinks it's fun. He has a keen ability to solve problems. I think it is rooted in his ability to see all sides of a problem and probably mostly in his ability to remain neutral. This works for him whether it's a conflict at work or negotiating with a child who is demanding a later bedtime. Along the same lines, he has an insane amount of patience. Where most people would want to walk away and take a break, Eric calmly perseveres. He's very playful and spontaneous with Sophia. I love to be in the background, just watching and listening to the roar of their giggles. They have such a natural connection, with a genuine comfort between them. Eric's always been an incredible source of support for me. From medical school to residency to present day, he's always been my rock. When something difficult happens I immediately think "I need Eric." On the flip side, the first thing that crosses my mind when something exciting happens is "I can't wait to tell Eric!" He's been my best friend for more than two decades. I absolutely, completely, fully trust him. He is more than a husband. He is everything to me.

Meet Casi by Eric

I've known Casi for more than half my life and she is my best friend. Over these past 22 years, I've had a front row seat as she's become an amazing mother, brilliant physician, and passionate volunteer. I am truly blessed to have Casi as a teammate in this game of parenting. The bond she and Sophia share is quite the sight to see. Whether Sophia's being loud and silly or quiet and focused, Casi always understands what she feels and needs. I envy her ability to read Sophia and her patience to drill down to the root cause of any problem. I believe it is because they are so similar and think so much alike. I joke with family that Sophia is a mini-mommy. I remember in high school when Casi was told that being a doctor was a pipe dream and again in college when she was told that med school was going to be a reach. Each time I witnessed her set off on a warpath to prove those doubters wrong, showing that with determination and hard work a person can achieve anything. Especially throughout these COVID days, I am proud when I watch her "strap on her boots" each day and head out to help those in need. With as much as she devotes to being a mother and a physician, her other passion is giving back to the community. I always tease her that she is carrying too many banners but that has not stopped her from stepping up to help when there is a need. From her work with local youth groups, the women's center, literacy organization, or the school PTO, Casi is always ready and willing to help. Sophia could not have a better role model. Over all these years, we have changed and grown together and I am a better person because of Casi. And most importantly, Casi's role in molding Sophia into a fun, kind, and empathetic kid is undeniable.

Meet Sophia

Hi, I am Sophia. I am 9 years old. I like to play Barbies. And play with my stuffed animals. I like to collect stuffed animals. I also like to play with my pretend kitchen playset. I serve food to my Mommy and Daddy. I am in 4th grade. My favorite subject is social studies because we read biographies. My favorite biographies are about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Harriet Tubman. My favorite fine arts class is theatre. I love to volunteer, especially at a food pantry. They know me by name there. Since I've been volunteering a lot this year, so I am going to get a Presidential Service Award for volunteering. I am a miracle because I was born so early and God let me live because I have something important to do. I am excited for the baby to come. I've wanted a sibling my whole life. I think it would be fun if I could see the process of a baby growing up. I can feed the baby. When the baby gets older we can have bunk beds and I can play with it and help it walk.

Our Pets

We have two dogs, named Cici and Winki. We adopted them from a rescue organization about four years ago. Cici is very playful and excited about nearly everything! Cici moves nonstop, practically until she drops! Winki is a bit more reserved and is her happiest when she can just cuddle beside one of us. She gets scared if there is a storm or any new noises. Sophia is always ready to comfort her. Both dogs are very happy with tails that do not stop wagging. They usually walk around the house with a toy in their mouth, ready to play together or with us at any instance. Almost every evening Cici will whine and whimper and pace toward the pantry until someone gives in and offers up a treat! Luckily, wherever Cici goes, Winki is not far behind, so she gets one too!

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