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Bowman and Stephanie Mitchell


We have known Cody and Ariena Evans for eleven years. We met Cody when he and Bowman worked together at a summer internship. Wet met Ariena when she and Cody were married several years later. Since that time, our families have spent considerable time together in settings including school, work, church, each other’s homes, family vacations, and community events. We consider them some of our closest friends, and we recommend them as adoptive parents with the highest confidence. In spending time together as families, we have observed their involved and intentional parenting style. They prioritize their children’s growth and happiness, and their family’s best interests, above all else. They are always including their children in a fun project in the yard, or a baking activity indoors. Their home and yard are examples of their dedication to spending quality time as a family, with the kids’ artwork on the walls and plenty of outdoor play equipment in the backyard. They have watched our four children many times, including overnight, and we have always known they would be well cared-for and involved in the Evans family’s adventures. Cody’s commitment to caring for his family includes providing amply for their financial needs. More impressively, he leads his family with his examples of hard work, a sense of adventure, and a dedication to his highest priorities. We have seen him include and work with his children on large projects like a backyard ninja warrior course or an engine rebuild. His patience and encouragement have helped his children to develop both physical skills and a strong sense of confidence. Ariena is a source of strength and steadiness as a mother. We have seen her calm and easygoing personality as she manages the needs of her small children while taking care of the daily tasks at home. She teaches and inspires her kids with make-believe play, regular reading, chore charts, and cooking projects. She is flexible and quick to adapt plans when necessary. She has great planning skills and is always well-prepared for outings and adventures, like going to the beach or taking a picnic to the park. She and Cody share a love for adventures and experiences, and their parenting style reflects that. They are excellent parents with a love for their children, their faith, and their families.Their commitment to their family is apparent in all that they do. We recommend them as adoptive parents with full confidence and hope for success.

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Cali Hernandez


Cody and Ariena are incredible people and are wonderful parents to four fun, creative, and happy children. I believe that they are a rare couple and have a relationship that many couples dream of, work towards, but infrequently achieve. My family and I just recently moved from 5 states away to secure the home directly next door because of the magnetic and wholesome environment they have created for themselves. Cody and Ariena are both hard working individuals who have passions and hobbies that are valuable and enlightening for their children and everyone around them. They have a strong foundation in God and enjoy serving in their church capacities with youth and ministry efforts. Cody is highly intelligent in math and science, has always excelled at school, and is ranked exceptionally well in his company. Ariena is a kind and patient woman, magnificent cook, and the type of mother any child would be blessed to have. They work hard to raise their children to have strong self-worth and be strong members of society with book-smarts as well as worldly applicable knowledge. I would recommend Cody and Ariena to be adoptive parents and I look forward to the day when a child is able to become part of their productive, happy, and safe family.

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Kristin Van Wey

Ariena's mom

Cody and Ariena Evans happen to be one of the most exceptional couples and family that I have ever known. Their willingness to go through the adoption process to complete their family is a gift to any birth parents and child that finds them. As a couple, they perfectly complement each other. I’ve always been so impressed by the way the communicate, work together, problem solve, create and love each other. Cody has consistently created a financially and emotionally secure home environment for his family. He is disciplined, curious and sincerely involved with the development and growth of the kids. He is FUN and is always exposing the children to new opportunities. He encourages and listens. Ariena is incredibly supportive and nurturing to not only Cody, but to the varied needs of each of her children. She is intuitive, present and has created a relationship of trust and security with each of the kids. She loves being a mother and enjoys creating structured meals, activities and a schedule necessary to have harmony and order within normal family chaos. Children bring the unpredictable- life brings the unpredictable as well as unexpected circumstances. Ariena and Cody both meet these times with humility and grace. They apologize, say I’m sorry and lean on their deep faith in Christ to move through the hard times. With confidence, I highly recommend this couple and family to any birth parent considering placing their child in the arms of another family. The child will be loved, nurtured and given fantastic opportunities to develop into a fulfilled and successful human. Sincerely, Kristin Van Wey

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Sharon Evans

Grandmother, mother, mother-in-law

Cody and Ariena are wonderful people and parents. They love their children and I have no doubt they would love an adopted child as their own. They raise their children to be good Christians and to love the Lord. They instill great values and morals in them while still having plenty of fun. They take their family on many adventures and they have enough money for their needs. I would highly recommend them as adoptive parents.

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