Jamal & Nicole

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Black Panther

Black Panther Wakanda Forever #RIP Chadwick

Limestone Caverns

Exploring local underground caverns

Learning to sew with Nana

Measure twice, cut once. Be very careful when pinning the patterns.

Celebrating 22yrs of Marriage in NYC

Taking in a Broadway play.

Celebrating Mom’s 74th Birthday

Celebrating Mom/Grandma’s birthday

Meet Nicole

Fun Facts: Is afraid of spiders, loves cooking and hosting family gatherings, but always gets stressed about them Favorite movie: (old) - The Jerk with Steve Martin, (new) Disney’s Encanto Favorite place to be: On vacation with my family Something silly about me: Only sneezes in groups of three and only does one hiccup Something serious about me: She hates liars.

Meet Jamal

Fun Facts: He’s a professional actor and educator. He LOVES all things Detroit - sports, Faygo, Greek food, Motown, Coney dogs Favorite movie: City of God Favorite place to be: Hawaii Something silly about me: He CANNOT eat cookies without milk or cake without ice cream; and he will participate in a long-term prank Something serious about me: He doesn’t like inconsistency.

Our Travels

Outside the house, we love traveling. We do road trips and also fly to new places, as our schedules allow. You will see from our profile book that we will end up at the beach at least once a year - that’s mandatory. We each get to select one item for the family to do on each trip. This helps to make sure everyone gets to have something that they are especially excited about. India once selected ziplining when we visited the Virgin Islands. That was quite interesting because Jamal is afraid of heights. He sucked it up and we had a blast.

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